Sweat shirts that work on the job

Learn about the features that make sweat-proof work shirts more effective and help you work better. Read our in-depth study.

Sweat-resistant work shirts are designed to help keep the body dry during intense physical activities. They are adapted to the needs of workers working on construction sites or in hot, humid environments, and their composition promotes body perspiration through materials and textures that evaporate sweat and prevent the uncomfortable wet feeling on the skin. Here are the three features that make sweat shirts really effective.


Innovative yarns

Sweat-resistant work shirts are made from yarns that evaporate sweat and keep the skin dry and at the right temperature. These fabrics are based on polypropylene, Lycra or other synthetic materials that are lightweight, breathable and prevent the proliferation of bacteria on the skin due to their bacteriostatic structure.

Sun protection

Some sweat shirts are made with an innovative technology that draws out body heat while reflecting the sun’s rays to prevent the body from overheating and protect workers’ skin from UV effects.

Self-ventilating texture

Some work shirts, such as Worik’s Flow shirt, are woven with innovative technologies that wrap around the body without compressing it and create an internal ventilation system. Net-Strech ventilated mesh technology is one example.
Thanks to this special weave, sweatproof jerseys stretch in all directions without losing their shape, fit all sizes, and, when in contact with the body’s movement, generate a ventilation system that expels heat faster to the outside.
The result is a jersey that keeps the body dry even in situations of intense exertion, wraps around the arms and chest without restricting movement, and prevents the uncomfortable wet feeling because sweat evaporates quickly and disperses into the environment.


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