T-shirt Flow crew neck

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Produced with innovative warp-knit stretch mesh technology in graduated compression that generates an “enveloping” effect and maximum adherence to the body. It is thus able to increase the transpiration capacity of the fabric and the aeration of the skin.
The Net-Stretch weaving system generates a three-dimensional extension capacity (length, width and depth) so high as to guarantee the ability to fit all sizes. The mesh structure combined with the movement of the body generates a self-ventilation system that accelerates the process of expelling sweat and drying the skin. Bacteriostatic tissue. A perfect garment for use in extra hot environments or very intense activities.

Compressione moderata (mmHg 23/32)




Range of use

5° • 45°


Anthracite, Black, Navy, White


12% EA Elastane, 44% PA Nylon, 44% PP Polypropylene






DryFasTex warp-knit jersey, with diamond structure for ventilation and transpiration of moisture and heat from critical areas. Perfect even during the most intense efforts.


Seamless profiles and elasticated ends for absolute comfort and grip.

‘Raw cut’ technology (without seams) and elastomer inserts for an unprecedented feeling of fit.


Graduated compression weave to promote blood circulation and elastic exoskeleton to support muscle mass for the benefit of performance.

Anatomical elastic profiles on the main muscle groups to give greater freedom of movement, extension and expansion.

Elastometric fiber with unique properties of elongation and recovery of the original shape. The exclusive characteristics allow it to be stretched up to seven times compared to the initial size, and then return perfectly to the initial state, giving the garments perfect recovery of the shape.

Technically advanced, polypropylene has very high thermal capacities and thanks to its hollow fibers it has an average weight 40% lower than wool but with the same ability to maintain body heat. This translates into minimal bulk, extreme lightness of the garments and great freedom of movement.

Single standard of certification and control in the sector at all stages of processing, which allows to identify those products that do not present any risk to the health of the consumer.

European regulation that prohibits the use of chemicals that are harmful to human health and the environment in industrial textile dyeing and finishing processes.

EN ISO 13688:2013
The standard governs the general requirements for ergonomics, aging, sizing and marking of protective clothing. The garments are designed and manufactured offering the wearer the maximum degree of comfort.
The symbol that guarantees the compliance of the garment with the European directive on PPE 89/686/EEC and with the legislation relating to the general requirements of protective clothing UNI EN ISO 13688:13.

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