who we are


Worik® is a leading brand in the manufacture of technical work socks and underwear. we continuously invest in the expansion of our product range by developing new and functional ideas and solutions which translate into garments defined by exceptional quality, comfort and fit..

We create products for professionals who choose to improve their operating conditions by wearing technical performance apparel. Our products guarantee a perfect fit and improve comfort during use by reducing physical stress and ensuring that the body remains temperature-regulated and dry in all climatic and operative situations.

Our strong passion and the professionalism with which we perform our work further guarantees a synergistic collaboration with our customers.
The dynamism of worik® is supported by our consolidated experience in the technical apparel sector. We continuously dedicate our time and resources to research and innovate our products.

Worik® began with the goal of launching an original and highly technological range that is an undisputed benchmark for customers.

The internal management of production and the direct development of new articles means that we are able to continuously update our range according to market demands, ensure constant product availability, produce an extremely varied collection and manufacture the highest quality products.

We refuse to be dominated by the times and economies of scale dictated by modern industrialisation which is aimed exclusively at production yield in numbers and profit, devaluing the product. On the contrary, our primary objective is to create innovative and functional products without compromising on quality, guaranteeing the best performance, and well-being and safety for our customers whilst offering garments that are intrinsically exclusive and accessible.

The Vision

Improve performance conditions in terms of comfort, safety and aesthetics for the workplace or leisure time, developing multifunctional products that combine design with cutting-edge technology.

The Mission

Continue to create innovative, intrinsically exclusive and affordable products, refusing to be dominated by the economies of scale dictated by modern industrialisation, which are exclusively aimed at production yield, numbers and profit, spoiling the end product.


Our company philosophy is fully dedicated to a refined work methodology, resulting in products that honour the excellence and exclusivity that is typical of italian artisanal manufacturing which has always distinguished throughout the world.

Our great strength and the desireto keep up to speed with modern technological developments, while maintaining the link with the tradition of passing down the culture of “expertise” through the generations, has created manifestations of extraordinary perfection, nourished by ourconstant passion and dedication..

We have transparently revealed the ingredients of our success, for which we wish to be appreciated and recognised by all those who choose to be our loyal customers.