Work socks: 3 models compared

What are the best work socks? We have compared 3 different models to show you which aspects to evaluate and how to find the right sock for you.

Within the Worik catalogue no two socks are the same, and each model is different in length, colour, but also in composition and performance. We compared My Cotton short-cut, ActiveUp! Clima short-cut and ActiveUp! Fresh low-cut according to the 4 essential parameters for choosing the right sock, and here’s what emerged.


The first aspect to consider when choosing a work sock is the yarn from which it is made.
Cotton and lisle thread work socks such as the My Cotton short-cut are the classic work socks, offering excellent levels of comfort and absorbing perspiration, while work socks made of innovative materials, such as Dryarn® polypropylene from the ActiveUp! line, as well as being pleasant on the skin, are breathable and bacteriostatic, preventing the feeling of wet feet and preventing the proliferation of bacteria.

The environment of use

The same pair of work socks cannot be used everywhere and in every season. The data sheets of Worik work socks specify the environment and temperature range for which the model is designed, and you only need to consult this information to find out whether a sock is suitable for your needs.
My Cotton short-cut work socks and ActiveUp! Fresh low-cut, for example, are suitable for mild and warm temperatures of 10° to 35°, while ActiveUp! Clima short-cut are pleasant to wear even when temperatures drop to 5°.

The length of socks

The composition and performance of short socks and long socks do not change, but the length of the leg affects wearing comfort.
If you work with low-cut safety shoes, short socks such as ActiveUp! low-cut can also be pleasant to wear, whereas if you wear boots or boots, it is better to choose medium-length socks to avoid chafing and prevent lacerations to the skin of the foot and ankle.

Aesthetic appearance

Aesthetics are also important in work socks because they affect our mood and state of mind. Colourful socks with contrasting details and modern lines help us to feel comfortable and, in this respect, all three Worik socks we have analysed are impeccable because they were created by designers with an eye for the final aesthetic result.

What is the perfect sock?

At Worik, we know the needs of different sectors and have designed socks specifically for each need, from cotton socks to those made of recycled materials, from long socks to short socks. In general, therefore, there is no perfect work sock, but there is the right sock for your everyday use.

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