Sustainable clothing at work

Sustainability also comes through the choice of workwear for everyday use. Find out how to choose sustainable worksite clothing.

Sustainability is a hot topic in the construction industry, not only from the point of view of the materials and construction techniques used. Environmental protection and care are values that touch several levels of company management and also include the choice of workwear that is worn every day.
Let’s take a closer look at what it means to use sustainable clothing on the construction site and how at Worik we have managed to take a stand for future generations without sacrificing style.

Sustainable workwear: the features

Workwear is designed to provide maximum comfort for workers, reducing their physical fatigue and increasing their performance and concentration.

If, in addition to the functional aspects of work shirts and socks, we want to pay attention to the environmental impact of the clothing we wear, we must check that

  • The garments are produced sustainably, which means using techniques, processes and raw materials that reduce CO2 emissions, do not pollute water and comply with environmental regulations.
  • Materials are recycled post-consumer and reduce the amount of waste on the planet. One example is Repetita® yarn, made from recycled plastic bottles and used to produce Worik’s Longlife half-cut work socks .
  • Clothing should be durable, meaning resistant to washing and wear and tear, to be more long-lasting and thus reduce the amount of waste we produce.

Making sure that the work shirts and socks we wear respect these three characteristics is the first step towards making conscious and concrete choices in favour of the environment and our future.

Sustainable fashion made in Italy in the workplace

When sustainable fashion meets made in Italy, unique garments are born, even for workwear. At Worik, we have always been attentive to the style of our garments; this is why we design and produce made in Italy workwear jerseys and socks that reflect current tastes, with modern lines and attractive colours.
In recent years we have added recycled yarns and new environmentally friendly production techniques to the style, for a combination of aesthetic care and innovative materials, which have made our garments a synthesis of elegance, comfort and sustainability, offering everyone the chance to wear clothing that can make a difference.

Check the sustainable composition of our workwear in the data sheets of each product.
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