T-shirts affect the productivity

Work shirts have a significant impact on employee productivity because they make them feel comfortable at work, prevent physical fatigue, and improve mood and performance. Let’s see together what are the benefits of a mesh designed for construction sites and what aspects to evaluate to find the right work shirt for your needs.


The effects of work shirts on physical and mental fatigue

Work shirts play an important role in reducing the physical fatigue of employees, especially when they are engaged in work that is stressful from a muscular point of view.
With a well-designed work shirt, employees can move with agility and, thanks to graduated compression of tissues, improve circulation, reducing muscle stress and fatigue.
In addition, the work jerseys in breathable and lightweight fabrics, such as the Wien T-shirts in Dryarn® polypropylene, prevent sweating and the proliferation of bacteria, increasing the comfort of employees and avoiding seasonal illnesses due to contact between the skin and wet fabrics.

The physical benefits affect the mood because by reducing fatigue, work shirts help employees stay focused longer and make them feel fit even after several hours of work. This results in a lower need for breaks during the day and, consequently, a general increase in productivity.


What aspects to estimate for choosing a work T-shirt

The benefits that are obtained by the use of work shirts designed for construction sites are such only if you carefully evaluate the shirt to wear.
An effective work shirt against physical and mental fatigue must be designed with bacteriostatic and hypoallergenic materials, must be graduated compression while remaining soft and comfortable without forcing the body too much, and must be made of breathable materials that help to maintain a constant body temperature.



The importance of aesthetic appearance in work shirts

Although the choice of a work shirt for construction sites is mainly about functionality, the aesthetic aspect is also a detail that affects the mood and helps to create a sense of professionalism and belonging among employees. This is why Worik jerseys are designed to offer maximum performance, without sacrificing style.
Thanks to the Seamless weaving and the use of avant-garde yarns, such as Lycra or Dryarn®, Worik men’s jerseys guarantee comfort and practicality, but at the same time have modern lines, which make them unique in their kind. Contrasting details, attractive colors and a style in line with current tastes makes them a piece of clothing practical, comfortable and beautiful to wear, not only in the yard.

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