How to avoid sweaty feet at work

Having sweaty feet in the workplace creates embarrassment, but it is also a health problem. In addition to the bad smell produced by sweaty feet, keeping the skin wet for a whole day increases the proliferation of viruses and bacteria that can cause irritation, mycosis and skin rushes. In addition, a sweaty foot is more subject to temperature changes, it risks losing sensitivity and numbness, making the continuation of work unsustainable.

Here are 5 useful tips to avoid wet feet and keep them dry from morning to evening even when working in cold and humid environments.

1. Use antibacterial soaps

Sweat that remains trapped between the foot and the sock after a day’s work should be removed as soon as possible to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. The first advice to combat the problem of sweaty feet at work, therefore, is to wash them with antibacterial soaps, for help the skin to breathe and regress the symptoms and the bad smell of excessive sweating.

2. Dry well before wearing socks

Sweat is produced naturally by the body when it is under strain, but it is not the only cause of a wet foot. If you wear your work socks with your foot dry, sweat will only emphasize the feeling of dampness and the disturbances that follow. So before I put on thermal socks, make sure that you have dabbed your feet well and that you have also dried the skin between the individual fingers.

3. Sprinkle your feet with antifungal powders

Another trick to avoid the formation of sweat and the proliferation of bacteria on the skin is the use of anti-fungal powders. Sprinkling the skin with a specific foot care powder helps absorb sweat, removes the annoying feeling of wet and further prevents the formation of skin irritation.

4. Change your shoes often

The sweat of the feet also involves the shoes that, at the end of a day’s work, have the inside wet and smelly. Using the same shoes every day does not allow the sweat of the day to evaporate and the following morning the foot will already be wet before you even start working.

If you want to avoid sweaty feet and the problems that come with them, often change the shoes you use at work and let them breathe in the fresh air before wearing them again, better if under direct sunlight to eliminate viruses and bacteria.

5. Use breathable thermal socks

Finally, if you want to have a dry foot, choose breathable work socks like the Worik Active-Up. Their particular structure, in fact, allows keep your foot warm while evaporating sweat, for a dry feeling that accompanies you from morning to evening, prevents discomfort and avoids unpleasant odors when taking off your shoes after a hard day’s work.


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