4 reasons to prefer graduated compression underwear at work

We are often led to think of knitwear, socks and graduated compression pants as a feminine aesthetic prerogative. In fact, graduated compression is a technology that improves the circulation of all of us and is a cure-all especially when the body is subjected to prolonged exertion in unfavorable conditions, as happens to those who work on construction sites on winter days. Here is why you should choose a graduated compression men’s underwear to wear every day at work:

1. Graduated compression underwear prevents numb hands and feet

The particular structure of the technical underwear graduated helps the blood flow, improving the circulation and oxygenation of the limbs and organs. Especially on cold days, wearing graduated work underwear is the best solution for working outdoors without losing sensitivity and without having tingling hands and feet.

2. Graduated compression underwear reduces fatigue

By facilitating circulation, graduated compression underwear reduces the effort needed by veins and muscles to bring blood from the peripheral pathways to the heart and vice versa. This allows the body to save resources and makes it feel less tired even after a whole day’s work.

3. Graduated men’s underwear improves performance

By decreasing fatigue and improving tissue oxygenation, those who use graduated underwear at work noticed a improvement of its performance because he can take the effort better. Moreover, a graduated underwear made with avant-garde yarns is a thermal, hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic underwear that avoids the dispersion of heat and keeps the body dry, for a comfort assured from morning to evening.

4. Graduated thermal underwear increases concentration

If you choose a graduated underwear made with seamless technology, like thermal mesh and graduated trousers of the line X-PRO, work underwear becomes your second skin and you have no discomfort or irritation during the day. This improves your degree of concentration at work and positively affects your results.


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