Merino wool work underwear: does it really work?

For winter wear, better merino wool or technical fabrics? Where to find work underwear in merino wool that is beautiful as well as comfortable? Read here.

During the colder months it is crucial to keep your body warm, especially if you do a job that leads us to be out most of the time. For centuries merino wool has been considered the best yarn to make winter workwear able to keep the body warm, but today many consider it more effective to use garments made from synthetic fibers. The merino wool work underwear is still a valid ally in the winter months or is better underwear in technical fabrics? Let’s see together the advantages of merino wool and how it can be combined with the latest technologies to create comfortable, practical and beautiful work underwear.

The advantages of merino wool

Merino wool is by nature a very fine, fine, soft and soft yarn. In addition to the tactile feel, its fibers are able to keep the body dry and warm, because they have a strong insulating power and at the same time they absorb the excess sweat, neutralize harmful substances and avoid the accumulation of dirt between tissues and skin.
These characteristics have made merino wool an excellent fabric for work underwear, because it helps the body to maintain its ideal temperature without being wet for the whole day.

Why merino wool is different than technical fabrics

Those who spend many hours working in the fresh air know well how cold and damp can damage muscles and concentration, making us more tired and tired.
Work underwear in merino wool andlife that the body cools or remains wet, prevents joint pain, contractures, tingling and helps to work more carefully. These advantages can also be achieved with work underwear made of technical material, but merino wool is the only 100% natural yarn origin which offers all these advantages while respecting the environment.

The importance of design for comfortable underwear

If merino wool is in itself an environmentally friendly and beneficial material, work underwear becomes really effective when designed to be comfortable, but also practical and eye-catching.
In Worik we are very attentive to the aesthetic appearance of our products and also the work shirt e i merino wool trousers are designed by our style center to make you feel comfortable in any situation. The use of colors, modern design, the seamless structure These are all details that transform our merino wool work underwear into essential items in your wardrobe to work in serenity and style even in the coldest months.

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