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Thermoregulating and anti-cold fabric, ideal for those who work in low-temperature environments or outdoors in winter. The use of No-Shock carbon microfiber is able to dissipate electrostatic charges, eliminate the proliferation of bacteria and perform an anti-stress function. The conductive capacity of carbon fiber, in terms of dissipative performance, is the best ever and such as to make garments made with this fiber compliant with European standards for antistatic-dissipative PPE. The hypoallergenic properties of carbon also make it wearable at first skin even by epidermally sensitive individuals.




Range of use

-15° • 10°




4% Carbon No-Shock, 96% PP Polypropylene Hollow Section


XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL




Mixtures of technical materials to give the fabrics particular characteristics such as: refreshing, reflective, fireproof, anti-static, antibacterial, anti-cut, flame retardant and anti-wear.

Fiber capable of dissipating electrostatic charges, eliminating the proliferation of bacteria and performing an anti-stress function. The capacity of carbon fiber in terms of dissipative performance is the best of all the fibers existing today and such as to make the garments comply with European standards.

Technically advanced, polypropylene has very high thermal capacities and thanks to its hollow fibers it has an average weight 40% lower than wool but with the same ability to maintain body heat. This translates into minimal bulk, extreme lightness of the garments and great freedom of movement.

UNI EN 1149-5:2008
The standard specifies the requirements of the material to be used for protective clothing that must dissipate electrostatic charges, to avoid discharges that can cause sparks.

Single standard of certification and control in the sector at all stages of processing, which allows to identify those products that do not present any risk to the health of the consumer.

European regulation that prohibits the use of chemicals that are harmful to human health and the environment in industrial textile dyeing and finishing processes.

EN ISO 13688:2013
The standard governs the general requirements for ergonomics, aging, sizing and marking of protective clothing. The garments are designed and manufactured offering the wearer the maximum degree of comfort.
The symbol that guarantees the compliance of the garment with the European directive on PPE 89/686/EEC and with the legislation relating to the general requirements of protective clothing UNI EN ISO 13688:13.

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