Why use a hypoallergenic thermal shirt at work

Those who work outdoors in the winter months know how important it is to wear thermal mesh during the day to keep the body warm. In addition to this, however, a good work shirt must be hypoallergenic, breathable, bacteriostatic and comfortable. Let’s see together why.

Hypoallergenic links prevent skin irritation

A work shirt that remains in direct contact with the body for the whole day must be designed for avoid allergic reactions to the skin. A quality thermal mesh, therefore, must be made with yarn tested to be hypoallergenic, such as Lycra or fiber Dryarn®, two highly technological solutions that do not generate skin reactions and are also suitable for the most sensitive skin.


Breathable thermal mesh keeps the body dry

When the body is subjected to stress, as happens to those who perform heavy work on the construction site, the muscles work and the body produces sweat to maintain its internal temperature. Sweat, if it does not evaporate quickly, creates a thin wet layer on the skin that is likely to cause influences and ailments. Thermal work meshes must be designed to keep the body warm but, to be really effective, they must also keep it dry, evaporating sweat and avoiding that unpleasant feeling of wet on the skin.


Bacteriostatic meshes prevent the formation of bacteria

Sweat not only wets the skin, but is also the main responsible for the proliferation of skin bacteria that, in turn, cause bad odor, mycosis and irritation. In addition to being hypoallergenic, a work shirt must therefore be made with bacteriostatic yarns, that is, able to stop the proliferation of bacteria and prevent irritation and unpleasant odors that are generated when you work hard for the whole day.


Work meshes must be comfortable

A piece of clothing that must be worn for the whole day, in addition to having technical characteristics that make it practical and bacteriostatic, must also be comfortable and pleasant to wear. The quality work sweaters are made with seamless technology, to avoid annoying seams, and have a graduated structure that does not compress the muscles and facilitates blood circulation, helping to cope with long days of work without feeling fatigue.


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