First layer functional work underwear

[ Functional work underwear ]

We produceexclusivelySKINWEAR.

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Don’t call it workwear, we only produce functional underwear first layer. We make socks and technical underwear in our production center in Italy only with the best choice of unique and selected fibers.

We create products for professionals who want to improve their operating condition by wearing high-performance technical clothing that guarantees perfect fit, increased comfort, reducing physical stress and maintaining thermoregulation in all weather situations. We offer the best quality exclusively Made in Italy also in design thanks to our style office that designs garments that can conquer the view as well as the touch.

"At Worik we want to satisfy the need to enjoy a state of comfort and psychophysical well-being even during work, which often results in a daily physical effort equal to or even greater than an intense level of sports activity." *

To achieve this we take care of the choice of raw materials, production technologies, quality in the weaving phase of the products to ensure the best fit and thermoregulation.

*CEO Worik – Jacopo Pea

[ Zero3 Production ]

ZERO3 whereour productscome to life.

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Customization and performance. We test new materials and test our garments in extreme situations.

Zero3 is an Italian company with many-thirty years of experience in the production of high-tech and qualitative stockings. We make the perfect sock for every use.
Breathable and insulating, graduated compression, anti- and anti-abrasion, flame retardant and antistatic, antibacterial and antifungal.