Technical underwear

Our technical base layers are a fundamental choice for improving physical performance, overall comfort, peace and protection at work, becoming an essential element of your professional wardrobe. 



Worik technical base layers are made using high-quality and technologically advanced surfaces and fabrics, their composition is aimed at maximum functionality, maintaining a stylistically modern design. The production technology used in relation to the various products in the range is the result of a high level of production know-how.

Air Spienner Bandage

Breathable waffle weave band to maintain the ideal internal microclimate.

No torx stretch bandage

Elastic anti-twist restraining band to ensure the superior fit, adherence and stability of the sock.

No stress cuff system

Soft stretch anti-twist cuff to ensure a superior fit, adherence and stability of the article with an anti-stress effect.

Seamless senza cuciture

Seamless-technology structure (seamless on the side profiles) for exceptional comfort and fit.

Graduated compression zones texture

Elastic anatomic structure with graduated compression that reduces muscle vibrations and lowers the heartbeat, regulates blood reflux, decreases energy consumption, improves physical/muscular performance.

adherent extremities

Soft collar and stretch drawstring with a stabilising, anti-stress effect, superior fit and adherence of the garment.


Worik workwear is designed to combine protection, design and comfort. Its ergonomic design leads it to be a favoured choice among professionals from different sectors.