Technical Socks

The worik work socks range provides targeted support, comfort and stability to the muscle masses. Designed to support you at work and alleviate the fatigue of hours spent on your feet or in motion. Worik socks really make a difference thanks to the effective compressive, temperature-regulating, breathable and protective technologies that characterise them.


Worik technical socks are made using high-quality and technologically advanced yarns combined together to ensure maximum functionality. The anatomical structures with differentiated density zones, protective reinforcements and graduated compression systems, develop maximum performance with an anti-stress toning effect.


The various Worik collections are distinguished by functionality, season and design. The production process includes a total of forty different technologies, each with specific and cutting-edge features.
Among the technical properties and benefits generated, the skillfully chosen and mixed materials give the socks numerous properties: durability, comfort, wearability, grip, protection, stability, adaptability, breathability, cushioning and performance improvement.