Discover the materials used to make Worik Technical Clothing to guarantee the high quality allowed by the most advanced technologies.


The latest technological frontier in the field of antistatic fibres has led to the creation of products which are able to dissipate electrostatic charges, eliminate the growth of bacteria and perform an anti-stress function. In terms of dissipative performance, the conductive capacity of carbon fibre is unequalled among all the existing fibres (better than silver or steel fibres), so much so that garments made with this fibre meet European standards for antistatic-dissipative PPE.


“Technically advanced, polypropylene has very high thermal capacities and, thanks to its hollow fibres, it weighs an average of 40% less than wool while possessing the same capacity to maintain body heat. This translates into minimal bulk, extremely light garments and incredible freedom of movement. It is breathable, stain-resistant, antibacterial, fade-resistant and dries


Amicor Plus is the safest, longest lasting and most effective antibacterial fibre on the market. Blended within the structure of the fibres that make up the textiles, it continues to work and to provide protection for the entire lifetime of the product. Amicor Plus contains an additive that provides excellent protection against fungus and eliminates the growth of bacteria.


Kevlar, one of the most important aramid fibres in the world, features surprising levels of resistance to cutting, abrasion and heat with a very high degree of vibration absorption. These incredible properties give garments made with Kevlar optimum resistance and durability, as well as cut and abrasion-resistant properties.


The fibre is able to guarantee high performance standards even in the most extreme activities and the most challenging climatic conditions. It features bacteriostatic properties and offers lightness and breathability.


A hollow fibre with a multi-channel internal structure that wicks moisture and perspiration to the outside of the garment, keeping the skin fresh and dry. Its lightness and technical characteristics make the fibre technologically very advanced.


The finest wool in the world bar none, it is an excellent insulator from the cold, thanks to its excellent temperature-regulating properties. A valid aid in the prevention of joint pain, the wool fibres absorb excess body moisture and neutralise the harmful substances in sweat. Thanks to the smoothness and softness of the fibre, it is excellent at absorbing vibrations.


Synthetic microfibre features bacteriostatic properties as it maintains an optimal physiological balance that does not allow the growth of bacteria on the textiles and, therefore, prevents the formation of dermatitis and skin rashes. It offers high levels of comfort, lightness and breathability, ensuring the body maintains an optimal temperature.


High-tech fibre developed to guarantee maximum strength and durability, lightness and ease of maintenance. It offers double the abrasion resistance than a normal texturised and resistant nylon fabric.


Elastomeric fibre with unique stretch and original shape recovery properties. The fibre’s unique characteristics allow it to be stretched up to seven times its initial size and then return to its initial dimensions. Garments that contain this fibre possess perfect shape recovery, excellent fit and freedom of movement.


The highest quality cotton yarn, produced exclusively with noble varieties with long,hard-wearing and naturally shiny fibres. Subjected to combing, twisting, raising and mercerising to strengthen its natural characteristics of brilliance and resistance, becoming shrinkage-proof and acquiring a better degree of absorption. Mercerised cotton garments are comfortable against the skin, durable, silky, low-pilling and feature bold and lustrous tones.


A natural fibre that offers a pleasant feeling of comfort thanks to the particular ability to absorb and disperse the body’s natural perspiration. Its plant origin and dyeing treatments in compliance with the OEKO-TEX standard make it particularly suitable for even the most delicate skin.


High breathability, fresh, low-pilling and comfortable. It wicks moisture from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric, where it can easily evaporate. It helps to move the body heat, keeping the body fresh and creating a pleasant sense of well-being. It is low-pilling and prolongs the lifetime of the garment.


It is a textile fibre obtained from a renewable resource: cellulose, carefully selected from the branches of specific trees. The extraordinary properties of these trees give textile materials created with Lenpur extraordinary properties of softness, perspiration wicking and antibacterial and deodorising properties.


Designed to improve natural and synthetic fabrics, LASTOL fibre integrates with the host fabric without giving a feeling of synthetic clothing. The fabrics maintain a natural appearance. The heat and chemical resistance of the fibre offers lasting performance, comfort and ease of care.


Durable, highly resistant and breathable for quick evaporation. It is coated with PTFE nano particles to reduce friction, decreasing rubbing on the skin which can cause blisters and overheating. Protects and refreshes.