Socks, underwear, leggings and compression sleeves increase oxygen delivery, reduce lactic acid, prevent cramps and reduce muscle fatigue.


Worik offers cutting-edge garments from a technological point of view. The research and development area is constantly evolving, our technicians are attentive to scientific updates on the improvement of performance and comfort through clothing. In particular, the creation of active graduated compression models, in which the pressure is distributed unevenly in order to improve the oxygenation of the muscles and support the bands. The compression delays the onset of the feeling of heaviness and fatigue and is distinguished by its compressive capacity in three levels of intensity.



Designed and manufactured according to the parameters of graduated compression that decreases from the ankle to the knee with a compressive level acting according to two principles, the first is the stimulation of the blood circulation capillary improving the osmotic exchange with a regenerating effect that greatly reduces the sense of tiredness to in the day, the second is to support and improve the venous return from the extremities of the body towards the heart for a considerable saving of energy. Ideal also for long trips with air travel.



  • increase the supply of oxygen to the muscles and alleviate the sense of fatigue and heaviness
  • for those who sit for long periods or stand for hours, they create a feeling of well-being and vitality in the legs


More energy

Stop cramps

Non-stop comfort